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13 Best Sex Toys for Summer 2018

Best Inexpensive Vibe - Gaia Eco

Not only is this multi-speed vibe beautiful to look at and a steal at $10, it’s also the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable vibrator! The Gaia Eco is made from Biofeel (a body-safe plastic made from starch) using methods that create less greenhouse gases than any other toy. Make yourself feel good as well as mother earth.

Best Power Packed Vibrator - Rechargeable Magic Wand

Hands down, the Vibratex Magic Wand is the go-to if power is your thing. A trusted toy by thousands, the Magic Wand serves up some serious rumbles with it’s ultra high setting clocking in at 6,300 rotations per minute! It’s also runs for 3 hours continuously when fully charged so your sexy sessions will never need to be cut short.

Best toy for Squirting- Njoy Pure Wand

Though it can look intimidating at first glance, the Njoy Pure Wand holds the perfect combination of weight and curves to hit all those hard to reach spots. Revered for being the key to discovering squirting and prostate ejaculation abilities alike, this legendary toy is 1.5 lbs of medical grade stainless steel is guaranteed to change your perceptions of sexual pleasure after just one try.

Best toy for Beginner Anal - Luxe Rump Rimmer Kit

If 2018 is finally your year to try anal play, deciding on the right toy to help you with your goal can be overwhelming. Look no further than the Luxe Rump Rimmer Kit. Progressive anal plug kits like this one are ideal for derriere newbies. Having a selection of plugs to choose from allows you to advance through sizes at your own pace, even during the same session. Furthermore, the neck of the Rump Rimmer plugs are a little wider than most plugs, allowing for a comfortable stretch.

Best toy for the Prostate Explorer - Aneros Eupho Syn

If you have a prostate and have yet to explore it, you may be missing out on some serious pleasure. Aneros is the leader in toys to explore your prostate, with the Eupho Syn being a great place to start. Made from a combination of high-grade silicone and body safe plastic, the Aneros Eupho Syn works by creating a hands free rocking between the penranium and the buttocks, stimulating the prostate. This simple yet effective design has been shown to help create those mind blowing prostate orgams you’ve been hearing about.

Best toy for traveling - Stronic G

If 2018 is blessing you with some travel plans, don’t leave your toys at home! Many toys now come with special locking travel features, like the Fun Factory Stronic G. This self-thrusting, vibrating wonder comes with a locking function for easy travel. Avoid a TSA moment with a toy that knows when to be quiet.

Best toy for hands free fun - We-Vibe Sync

Often used as a wearable toy for penetration (which is super cool), the We-vibe Sync doubles as a hands free vibrator. With its 2 hinge flexible neck, wear this toy vaginally or anally and go about your business. When you’re looking for some fun, simply control via a bluetooth smart phone app. Running errands just got a whole lot more fun! The Sync is also great underneath harnesses or wrapped around your favorite dildo to make it rumble.

Best toy for disabled bodies - Dame Fin

For too long, sex toy manufacturers have been imperceptive to the needs of the disabled community, often dismissing their needs altogether. The Dame Fin and its optional tether is ideal for people with impaired motor skills, hand and wrists problems, missing or compromised digits or limbs, and people with mobility issues. Hopefully this trend continues and we see more sex toy manufacturers acknowledging, validating, and creating toys for the sexual needs to disable people.

Best Rabbit - We-Vibe Nova

A good rabbit vibrator can be a glorious thing, stimulating the external clitorous as well as the internal G spot. However, finding a toy that moves with every thrust, instead of bumping your sensitive areas, has be difficult until the We-Vibe Nova came along. This radical remake of a classic toy boosts two flexible arm, both with independent motors. Mix up the power and rhythm internally and externally, while it effortlessly flexes with every movement.

Best Masturbation Sleeve - Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Trade in your tacky orifice sleeve for something that’s chic and versatile. The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is open at both ends, allowing for quick clean up and easy storage. Its dual opening design also allows for it to be used during blowjobs and penetration. Slip the Quickshot Vantage out of it’s hard case and use the sleeve independently to control to pressure yourself.

Best Lube - Uberlube

Uberlube keeps the lube game simple: a few simple quality ingredients. Most often, additives like scents, flavours, spermicides, and preservatives are what cause irritations. Uberlube does away with the extra to deliver a high quality silicone based lube that is safe to use with latex condoms. Packed with vitamin E, Uberlube also doubles as a great hair oil!

Best Pressure Wave Toy - Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

So what are pressure waves? Satisfyer toys work by delivering pressurized air waves which create suction around your clit (or nipples, or tip of your penis, or anus). These waves are typically associated with the sensation of oral sex and can be an amazing alternative to vibrations. Satisfyer combined the best of both worlds in the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. The smaller arm delivers the pressure waves while the larger arm vibrates. Use the sensation independently or together!

Best Exciting Dildo - Fun Factory Bouncer

While the curvy exterior of the Fun Factory Bouncer looks fun, it’s what’s happening inside that makes a different. Three rotating balls are hidden beneath each ridge to deliver a sensation like no other dildo. Every thrust is intensified!

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