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Strict Leather Luxury Locking Wrist Cuffs


Dress your submissive lover up in an elegant and luxurious set of wrist cuffs from Strict Leather. Durable and secure, these sexy accessories were designed with exquisite detail in mind. Featuring a locking buckle that allows you to keep your precious play thing under lock and key, these premium leather cuffs are narrower for a more stylish fit. D-rings allow you to attach a connector chain, rope, or a variety of devious accessories. Whether they wear them in the privacy of your scenes or out for the world to see, these luxury locking wrist cuffs are an essential part of a BDSM scene. 

Size: 11.5" length, 1.35" width. Adjusts between 5" and 9" circumference. 

Material: Leather, steal

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