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Oral tips with a giant vulva

Confused about oral sex? Don’t know how to go down on someone? Want to up your eating out game? Watch us show you all the best oral sex tips… with a giant vagina!

In this sex-ed video, we discuss oral sex tips for vaginas. Cunnilingus is very intimate, so make sure both partners are comfortable before eating pussy.

My partner and I see each other only every two weeks for a few days. After those few days I always have a UTI ! Is there any things to prevent it ? (I know about cleaning, peeing after sex and drinking a lot of water) but still..

Also, we do mix anal and vaginal, should we focus on only one when we have sex ? Would it help to prevent it? I wish my body could get used to the virus or reinforce itself against it.

I think that I read once about an antibiotic pill that prevents the infection after sex but I am not sure as it is not good to take antibiotics so often.

Thank you for your time.


Thanks for your question Manon! UTIs are NO FUN but something many of us have had to deal with at one time for another. Sadly, sex is a common cause of urinary tract infections. People with vaginas are 10 times more likely to experience UTIs compared to people with penises. This is because of the urethra being shorter, allowing bacteria to get into the bladder easier. Like you mentioned, there are some simple ways to prevent UTIs like peeing after sex, drinking a good amount of water, wiping front to back when using the restroom, and cleaning the vulva and anus area well. But since you’re already taking these precautions, let’s delve a little deeper into what could be causing this unwelcome issue.

If you are sensitive to UTIs, it can be a good idea for you and your partner to take a quick shower to clean any unwanted bacteria away before you engage in sex. I’m not sure what kind of birth control you’re using, but using a diaphragm can block the urethra, allowing urine to become trapped in the bladder which can lead to infection. Spermicide on condoms and in lubricants have also been linked to UTIs so try to avoid them.

Mention that you see one another for a few days every couple weeks. Are you having a lot of back to back sex, like sex marathons? That can be an issue for sensitive vaginas, so try to pace yourself. Rough and intense penetration can also cause damage to the bladder, making it more susceptible to infections.

You mentioned that you and your partner enjoy both vaginal penetration as well as anal. Do not mix anal and vaginal penetration without cleaning in between or using a barrier that you change between orifices. The bacteria found in your anus can easily cause UTIs as well as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. There’s no way your vagina or vulva will be able to get used to the bacteria found within your anus and fecal matter. Oral sex can also be responsible for UTIs. The bacteria in your partner’s mouth can lead to an infection, especially if your partner smokes. Have your partner brush their teeth, using mouthwash and avoid smoking before any playtime.

It would be a good idea to visit a doctor to make sure you don’t have a lingering case of cystitis which may be residing in the kidneys, only to show up every time you have sex. Though you can treat UTIs using at home and over the counter methods, a deeper infection will need antibiotics. Talk to your doctor about the supplement D-Mannose and if it would be helpful given your addition medical history. D-Mannose is a kind of sugar related to glucose and it works by preventing certain kinds of harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. This and a cranberry extract supplement have proven very effective for people prone to UTIs help manage infections.

I hope that helps!

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