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Wild Flower Founder Amy Boyajian

Wild Flower is dedicated to offering the most innovative sexual wellness and adult store products in a sex positive and educational environment. We strive to create a radiant community through promoting self care, sexual well being, and an all inclusive atmosphere. Wild Flower works closely with its suppliers and brands to insure to all products are body safe and curated with pleasure in mind. All our practices are dedicated to highest of ethical stances and we promise to keep evolving with our customers needs.

Originally from the UK, Wild Flower Founder and Owner Amy Boyajian attended Los Angeles FIDM gaining a degree in business and marketing. She then began managing resale and vintage retail businesses which lead her to New York City. Once in New York, she began producing fashion campaigns, art shows, and nightlife events. During the production of one event, she found herself in one of NYC’s oldest dungeons in search of a group of dominatrixes to host the event. Taken with what she had seen of this curious career, Amy soon switched paths and began working successfully as an independent dominatrix.

During her time in the industry, she encountered many femmes seeking to ‘learn the ways’ of being a domme, only to discover it was a sense of empowerment over their own sexuality that they were truly seeking. Within her community of dommes and other sex workers, Amy saw many recurring struggles due to lack of education about sexual health and the overwhelming fear and shame related to sex. She began to host workshops, private coaching sessions, and sex positive events in hope to normalize sexual empowerment. In 2017, Amy launched Wild Flower as the next organic move to help normalize sexual exploration and promote self love within our society.

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