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Take the ouch out of anal & UTI's

Anal play should feel good, so what do you do when anal hurts? We show you all the times to take the ouch out of anal.

In this sex-ed video, learn anal sex tips to make the experience feel better. First-time anal sex tips include relaxing your sphincter muscles and patience.

Can you get a UTI or yeast infection from a toy that hasn't been properly cleaned? And also how do you clean sex toys? Is water okay or do you need soap or something else?



Hi Lucy-Belle!

Thank you so much for your question.

The answer is yes! Dirty sex toys, and toys that have been cleaned incorrectly, can give you unwanted infections including UTIs and yeast infections. Here are some tips to avoid nasty bacteria from ruining your sex toy experience.


Clean your toy correctly

It depends what your toy is made from to determine how it should be cleaned. Most non porous toys like stainless steelglass, and silicone can be cleaned with warm water and mild liquid soap or toy cleaner. They can also be boiled for 10 mins or cleaned with a 1:10 bleach / water solution. Make sure to wash off any residue before you use your toy. Porous toys made of materials like hard plastic and cyber skin can never be fully cleaned and will always retain some bacteria. These toys are not body-safe and we don’t sell them at Wild Flower. You can check out our "How Do I Clean My Toy?” section for more information.


Wash your toy after and before each use

It’s a good habit to wash your toys before and after each session. This is the only way to ensure full peace of mind that your toy is 100% clean every use. Even if your toy is brand new in the box, it’s still a good idea to clean it before you use it to avoid any residue from packaging or handling. Washing them frequently also gives you a chance to check your toys for any rips, scratches, chips, or holes that could harbor bacteria and make them unsafe to use.


Use condoms on porous toys

Porous toys can never be 100% sterilized after each use, not matter how you clean them. If you are sharing porous toys with a partner, make sure to use condoms or some other barrier method every time you use they toy. We don’t recommend using them at all, but if you must — toys made from materials that are not body-safe like jelly, rubber, and soft plastic, should also be used with a condom. These toys contain harmful chemicals that can transfer to your body during play, causing health issues like cancer, blood poisoning, and allergic reactions. Wild Flower does not sell any toys that are not body-safe.


Don’t switch between orifices without cleaning

The bacteria from one opening in your body can be harmful to another. Transferring the bacteria from, for example, your anus to your vagina puts you at risk for all kinds of infections. To avoid this, either wash your toy before switching holes or have another toy readily available to switch with.


Store it in a cool, dry, place

The prime place to store your toy would be in an environment that discourages the growth and development of bacteria. A cool, dry spot, out of direct sunlight will also prevent any warping or discoloration. A bedside table or drawer to a dresser would be ideal. Furthermore, placing them inside individual, soft, lint-free cloth bags will prevent them from chemically interacting with one another when stored.


Use the correct lubricant for your toy

Using the correct lube for your toy is vital it keeping it in tip-top shape. Silicone toys should be used with water based lubes to prevent the material from degrading. Silicone and hybrid based lubes are great for non-porous toys made of materials like stainless steel, natural stone, or glass. If you’re not sure if the lube you’re using is correct for your toy, you can check by doing a spot check on an small area on the base of the toy. If that area becomes discolored, sticky, or slimy, don't use that lube! Check out our Guide to Lube for more information.


Take batteries out of vibrating toys when you’re not using them

Removing batteries from toys that require them when not in use is a great way to ensure a longer lifespan for your toy. Doing so will prevent any battery erosion from damaging your toy.

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