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PDX Elite Hydrobator



Could this possibly be the Magic Wand for penises? We think so! Meet the PDX Elitie Hydrobator - the masturbation sleeve that does all the work for you. This auto-stroking, rechargeable masturbator can be used with any water based lube or better yet, submerged in water. Its textured interior not only delivers amazing stimulation, it also allows for water to pass through while in use, making it the idea bath or shower toy. Lined with smooth, body-safe silicone, the PDX Elite Hydrobator's 8.25 inch shaft accommodates a range of lengths and girths. Ideal for people with mobility issues as well as those looking for a new, low effort way to enjoy a masturbation sleeve!

Size: 8.25" in length with 5" handle. 3" in width. 

External External
Internal Internal
Penis Penis
 Rechargeable Rechargeable
Silicone Silicone
 Waterproof Waterproof

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