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Amy Boyajian - CEO

Wild Flower Founder and CEO Amy Boyajian
Amy Boyajian (they/them) is the founder and CEO of Wild Flower. Prior to founding Wild Flower, Boyajian produced fashion campaigns, art shows, and nightlife events, which is where they discovered one of NYC’s oldest dungeons. Shortly thereafter, they successfully made the professional transition into working as an independent dominatrix. Boyajian’s experience as a dominatrix sparked their realization that many femmes in the space were seeking to learn more about how to be a domme, as it offered femmes a radical level of empowerment over their own sexuality. Within their community of dommes and other sex workers, Boyajian saw many people in the space struggle due to a general lack of education about sexual health and pervasive culture of fear and shame when it came to sex.

Recognizing these challenges as a core need in the sex space, they began to host workshops, private coaching sessions, and sex positive events that normalized sexual empowerment. Naturally, this spawned the creation of Wild Flower, where Amy now leads education and community development for the brand.

Originally from the UK, Amy holds a degree in business and marketing from Los Angeles FIDM; they are expected to secure a secondary degree in psychology from Penn State in 2022.

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