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The creation of Wild Flower was an organic retaliation to the unethical and discriminatory practices often in place in the sex and pleasure industries. There are so many contributing factors alive within our society: the unrealistic expectations of sex and bodies projected by mainstream porn with it’s unfair promotion of stereotypes; an inadequate educational system when it comes to sexual health; and the sexist and shameful portrayals of the female, queer and trans experiences in every medium of the sex industry.

At Wild Flower we strive to create more than just a company - we want to make a community. Within this community we want to respectfully represent the entire spectrum of bodies and sexual experiences and do so in an ethical and loving way. That’s why we’ve built the Wild Flower Core Values to guide us with this goal.



Work closely with all vendors and distributors to ensure all product vendors are committed to the highest of ethical standards, including but not limited to sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution.



Never gender our products or make any other assumptions on age, race, or sexuality when it comes to who can use our products or how they should be used.



Create no marketing or imagery that objectifies any person's body and strive to maintain an image that is all inclusive. Our message will always be one of love and intimacy.



Give education the highest of importance, consistently updating with new information to allow our customers to shop with knowledge and confidence.



Ensure all of our products are body safe and curated with pleasure in mind.


First and most importantly, Wild Flower is dedicated to ethical practices within all of its interactions, procurements, sales and representations. Maintaining a high moral standard is vital in delivering our customers the highest quality products while also maintaining a clean conscience. This includes sourcing practices, product manufacturing selections, partnerships, environmental output and maintaining a transparent and honest line of communication.

Wild Flower’s mission is to create an all inclusive and all loving environment through its strict non discrimination policy. Our products will never be gendered or have assumed sexuality attached to them. Instead we choose to represent our products for pleasuring, healing or helping certain body parts. We place no assumption on our customer, instead seeing them as individuals.

Love is the backbone behind the Wild Flower brand. This is expressed through all of the marketing and imagery we create or choose to use within our store. Specifically, we will never tolerate the objectification of any bodies and will not promote or sell an products that do. At Wild Flower, we work hard to represent all sexualities and experiences.

Education is a vital part of sex and intimacy that is lacking in our culture. Wild Flower combats this with an education section covering an array of topics as well as informative videos, tutorials and interviews to better educate our customer and community. Wild Flower is also active with listening to customer needs and feedback in a hope constantly keep learning ourselves.

Finally, all of the products carried at Wild Flower are body safe to ensure peace of mind and the freedom of confidence with all of your purchases. We focus on supplying products that made for pleasure as opposed to patriarchal or out dated standards of other sex toy and sexual wellness companies.

Wild Flower is a company aimed at representing you. Every sexuality, every gender, every experience level, every experience, EVERYBODY!

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