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The Benefits of Suctions Toys and Pumps

Gender X Body Kisses


Suctions toys and pumps may not be the first thing you think of when picturing sex toys but they’re a classic design that has many upsides and advantages. Pumps and suction toys can be great to explore for people who want to increase their overall genital sensitivity or for folks who find that their arousal response is inhibited physically (a common side effect of certain medications and medical conditions). They can draw blood to the area mimicking the arousal response, heighten sensitivity, help with sexual dysfunction,  and can provide multiple ways to get off. Plus, they are so fun to use!


There are a lot of different styles of pumps and suction toys out there to pick from but, to avoid suction toy decision fatigue, we’ve picked out the best ones for you. 



Scioness Sucking and Licking Stimulator 

Our most popular pump toy! While still not as mainstream as other sex toy designs, pumps are finally getting their dues for being fun as well as functional. The Scioness pairs the sucking power of a pump with vibration to deliver ultimate pleasure. This toy cups your entire vulva, before sucking and licking you with oral like stimulation. Simple put, are you ready to be sucked and licked to heaven? Well, the Scioness is ready to do all the hard work so you don’t have to!

VeDo Penis Pump

VeDo Penis Pump

Penis pumps can not only feel good, they can help with occasional ED especially when used with cock rings. The new VeDo Penis Pump is one of the few body-safe options out there, being made of silicone and ABS plastic.

So why would someone use a penis pump? Pumps can be great options for penis-owners who experience consistent or temporary erectile dysfunction, as well as with circulation issues or other arousal response inconsistencies. They can also be a fun and safe way to explore just how hard you can get!

Penis pumps work by creating pressure around the penis to draw blood into the shaft to create and maintain an erection. I know you’re wondering - no, this does not hurt! When used right, the sensation is a gentle pressure. As you can see with my marshmallows, the VeDo has small incremental suctions and a quick release button.

Finally, why would you use a penis pump when there are many ED medications on the market? Firstly, while medications work for some, they aren’t effective, accessible, or desirable for all of us. Furthermore, many ‘supplements’ are simply snake oil or, at best, placeboes that can cause more harm than good.

Boundless Pump Kit

Boundless Body Pump Kit

Get blood flow going to your clit or nipples to make then extra sensitive with this multi-cup kit. The kit includes three different cylinder sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your body. Each cylinder is equipped with a soft, removable silicone donut for added comfort and a secure seal. The easy-grip handle ensures a firm hold, giving you full control over the suction intensity.

Gender X Body Kisses

Gender X Body Kisses

With a larger opening than most suction toys, the flexible body of the Body Kisses allows for it to be used in multiple way on multiple body parts. Erogenous zones of all kinds can delight in this unique suction toy that features a soft, flexible opening with a delicious sucking motor in 7 speeds from gentle to intense. The larger mouth is great for nipples or clits of any size, even for folks who have bottom growth or the tip of the penis. An easy-to-use 2-button control panel sits comfortably in your hand as you enjoy the suction and vibration together or separately.

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