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Wild Flowers Toy Trend Predictions for 2024


These are the trends that we think we’ll see (and hope to see) emerge in the toy sex industry this year.


Thrusting toys


Thrusting toys are one of our most popular sex toys we carry and are here to stay for this year. There’s been many advancements recently to these types of pleasure products; the powerful motors have become quieter, many have added vibration, and we’re seeing all kinds of new shapes. We think that 2024 is going to have many more variations available including one of the newest design trends of flickering internal or external arms like the Layla Rosy.


Layla Rosy

Layla Rosy Butterfly Flapping Vibrator


Reworked Classics


Magic Wand introduced their Micro Wand in 2023 and people loved it! After such a success, we hope other brands will follow suit on rethinking their popular toys. Expect to see reworked classic sex toys available in new shapes, sizes, colors, or materials. 


Magic Wand Micro

Magic Wand Micro


More Accessibility


Yes for accessible toys! We’re predicting more toys like the Touchbot Lattice Handle to ensure that pleasure is accessible to everyone. Expect 2024 to include new wedges and straps to help with positioning, toys that can be held easily or are hands-free, and an array of new harness designs. 


Touchbot lattice Handle

Touchbot Lattice Handle


Suction Toys


We all know about air pressure toys at this point and they’ve become a sex toy classic. But make way for suction toys in 2024! Toys like the Scioness help to increase sensation with gentle suction, drawing blood flow to the area and mimicking the arousal response. 


Scioness Suction Toy

Scioness Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator


The rise of Hard Materials


Normalize hard material toys! While we’ve always been a fan of toys made from stainless steel and glass, we also know that they can be intimidating for some. However the weight actually works to your advantage to make pressure easier to achieve and the last a life time. Plus we’re seeing brands make stunning new designs such as Biird with the the Kalii wand. 


Kalii Glass G-spot Wand

Kalii Glass G-spot Wand


Normalizing Genderless products 


It’ll be 5 years this year since we introduced Enby(!) and we’re hoping to see even more genderless toys in 2024. Gender doesn’t have to be a factor in shopping for toys. In fact, it’s simper to focus on body parts and preferences. We hope to see more sex toys that are made and marketed to everyone. 


Enby 2 sex toy

Enby 2


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