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What Lube to Use

When it comes to sex - wetter is better! But frequently our bodies aren’t able to produce the amount of lubrication necessary. There is sometimes a stigma surrounding the need to use lube, especially for owners of vaginas, and that there is an inadequacy associated with not being able to get ‘wet enough’.  However, changes in the amount of natural lubrication produced by the body are completely normal. A lot of things can change the amount of lubrication made by the body like age, stress, medication, and birth control. Ultimately, the use of the right lube can heighten sexual satisfaction even with solo play.

Water Based Lube

Water based lubes are the most common lube types to find. They are preferred by many as they are easy to clean off of clothes and bedding as well as safe to use with barriers and condoms. They are often the most gentle lube types and are available in many different formulas like gels, creams, and liquids. They are compatible with any sex toy. Try Good Clean Love's Almost Naked Water Based Lube


Silicone Based Lube

Silicone is a natural element that is hypoallergenic by nature. It lasts longer than water based lube so there is less need to reapply during sex. If you’re looking to enjoy some playtime in water, like a shower or bath, silicone lube is the way to go.  Furthermore, some research have shown that people using silicone based lube have overall higher sexual satisfaction and sensation. However most silicone based lube is not compatible with latex condoms and silicone toysMigliori is a premium silicone-based lubricant with vitamins A, B6, D3, and E to leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Hybrid Based Lube

Hybrid lubes are a mixture of water and silicone based and often have creamy textures comparable to the body’s natural fluids. However, because they still do contain silicone, they aren’t to be used with condoms, barriers and silicone sex toys. Try Wicked Simply Hybird Jelle Lube with olive oil extract. 

Oil Based Lube

Oil based lubes are a popular massage oil / lube hybrid product. Some people enjoy the specific feel of oil over other lubes. However they are not compatible with latex condoms and are hard to clean.

A popular oil based lube is coconut oil however recent research shows it might not be the best options for your body. Not only does it negatively impact the effectiveness of condoms, coconut oils natural PH levels do not match the human body. Also the antibacterial elements can affect the good bacteria at work on your insides, being more harmful than helpful. Try Coconu Oil-Based Organic lube.


Not sure what lube to use? Try out the Sliquid Natural Lube Cube that includes a variety of different lubes in single use pouches.

The Sensitive Body

If you’re sensitive, stick to products without glycerine, parabens, hormones and spermicides. Don’t be fooled by products just using natural, green or healthy in the name. Glycerine contains sugars that can cause a burning or itching sensation in sensitive skin as well as feed yeast growth if you’re prone to infections. Parabens are used in lube to lengthen shelf life however have significant links to affecting the estrogen hormone with can result in certain cancers. Spermicidal lube is made from nonoxynol-9, known to cause irritation to skin.

Also be cautious when using heated, cooling or flavored lubes as sometimes these contain synthetic ingredients that can cause irritation and unbalanced the PH levels in persons with vaginas. Some flavored lubes contain sugar which can be an issue with persons with diabetes. 

Alternative Uses for Lube

Aside from sex, lube can be helpful with natural vaginal dryness. This dryness can occur during premenopausal and menopausal stages and is also common after M to F reassignment surgery. Sliquid's Satin lube is designed specifically for this use. Always check with your doctor before using a new vaginal lubrication product.

Storing Lube

Most lubes have extremely stable molecular structures and don’t need any special kind of storage like refrigeration, though it’s best to keep them out of heat and direct sunlight. Always keep them away from children and animals. Even though lubes can be labeled as non toxic, they can cause digestive issues if large amounts are consumed. 

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