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Cervical Self Exam & Newbies

Get familiar with your body by doing your own cervical self-exam. Be prepared for your next gynecologist visit by knowing how cervical and pap-smear exams work.

In this video, we discuss how to do a cervical self exam. Learn about the vaginal speculum, the best position to lie in, and what your cervix should look like.

I stumbled upon your page when researching new and exciting ways to explore my sexuality and I don’t know where to begin! My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and we haven’t really experimented with toys. The more I look into it the more I think I would really enjoy this new kind of sexual experience for myself and for us as a couple. Would you be able to suggest something for beginner couples who want to explore toys?? He keeps saying “try whatever you want” but that’s the thing, I have no idea what I want!! Hope you can help!


Thank you for the question! It can be an intimidating and overwhelming introducing sex toys into a sexual relationship when it has existed for so long without them. However, the right toy can be amazing tools to enhance and reingrierate your love life. But where do you start? Here’s some questions and tips to point you in the right direction.

Is It Body Safe?

Since the sex toy industry is unregulated and companies can bypass safety standards by claiming toys are novelties, you have to be an informed shopper when looking for you sex toys. Stick to websites and stores (like us!) that are dedicated to offering body safe options.

What sensations do you like?

Think about sensations that feel good in your body and how you like to create them. Focus on specific anatomy. Do you like external or internal stimulation? Vaginaly, penile, or anal?

When do you want to use it?

Do you envision this toy being used on yourself or your partner individually, maybe during a spot of foreplay, or is this a toy you want to use together?

Do you have any hard no’s or must haves?

Discuss with your partner if there are any boundaries that you don’t want to cross or toys that don’t sound appealing. Are anal toys something they don’t want to explore or does a strap on not sound fun? That’s ok, there’s tons of options to choose from. On the other hand, do you have any fantasies that involve toys that you want to try? Are you super eager to try out a toy you’ve seen before?

Sex Toy Bloggers

The holy grail for sex toy reviews, there are many amazing sex toy bloggers that can help with your decision. Great reviewers are unbiased, thorough, and very good at communicating the pros and cons of toys in a way that easy to digest. Check out a few bloggers and see who resonates with you. A few recommendations to check out are Miss Ruby Reviews, Hey Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, Oh Joy Sex Toy, and Red Hot Suz.

Don’t Forget the Lube

To ensure you have a smooth experience with your new toy, don’t skimp on the lube. Lubrication can make all the difference in making a good toy truly great. Remember if you’re using a toy made from silicone, opt for water based lubes. When using hard material toys like stainless steel, either silicone or water based can be used.

My Recommendations for Toys to Start

Two fun toys that can be worn together during penetration are the We-Vibe Chorus couples vibe and the We-Vibe Verge vibrating cock ring. If butt stuff sounds like it could be fun, try the Luxe Rimmer kit as a progressive anal plug kit that is soft and easy to clean. A fun all around toy that is a great introduction to hard materials is the Njoy Fun Wand (also the first sex toy I purchased). If you’re feeling a little kinky, a blindfold and a feather tickler are a great place to start in exploring BDSM. 

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