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What the Lube?

In this sex-ed video learn all about lube! We discuss lube for different scenarios such as masturbation lube or anal lube, as well as household items for lube. 

There are many different sexual lubricants out there to make sex friction free and more enjoyable. But which lube is the best for you? We give you all the details on lube use.


I'm bisexual and have been in a relationship with a woman for a while now. Sometimes when we have sex and she penetrates me with her fingers it causes me to bleed. I visited a doctor and had several invasive ultrasounds done to make sure my body was okay, and they found nothing. I have never had his happen before, but am curious if using lubricant could help?


Yes! Yes! Yes! Lubricant can help!

Vaginas are wonderful self lubricating parts of the body, however the amount, timing, and consistency of this natural lubricant can often fall short of what’s needed for comfortable sex. Adding a lubricant into the mix can help reduce any friction than maybe causing irritation and tears. A simple water based lube like Good Clean Love Almost Naked is ideal. Almost Naked is an organic lubricant ideal for vaginal use with added ingredients like anti-inflammatory seaweed and soothing aloe vera. If you feel like your finger sessions are on the longer side, try a silicone based lubricant like Sliquid Silver.

There is another thing that maybe causing these cuts. Your partner's finger nails maybe the main issue. Not matter how short your partner’s nail maybe, the sharp ridges of a fingernail are no match for the soft, sensitive walls of the vaginal canal. However there are a few ways to combat this. First would be for your partner groom her nails short and rounded, paying close attention to the shape of her nail. The second would be to change her technique to focus of giving pressure from the soft pad of her finger, rather than the edge of her finger. Next, I would suggest she wear a protective barrier like a latex glove. Having this extra barrier will protect you from any fingernail ridges as well as making for an ever smoother experience, especially with lube (remember if you’re using a latex barrier, ensure the lube you use with them is compatible). Finally, think about investing in a good G-spot toy that she could use on you instead. My suggestions would be the Njoy Fun Wand.


Hope that helps!

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