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IUDs & Sex Toys for the BFF

Thinking about a new form of birth control? Ever wondered what exactly an IUD is? We explained how IUDs work, how they’re inserted, and the pros and cons of an IUD.

In this sex-ed video, learn about how an IUD works, how IUDs are different than a birth control pill, the two different IUD types, and IUD effectiveness.


My BFF has had a difficult year and I want to treat her to a toy for Christmas. How do I pick the right one? From what I know, she has a hard time orgasming during penetrative sex so maybe something external. She is also a cis female. Any advice?


Thanks for your question! I love that you’re giving your best friend the gift of pleasure! Giving sex toys shouldn’t just be reserved for lovers and treats for yourself. Any close and intimate relationship where appropriate should feel empowered to give the gift of a sex toy.

So let’s talk about your friend in particular. Thanks for giving me the info you know, including your friends anatomy. That will help narrow the search. You mention that something external maybe a better option as your friend has had a difficult time orgasming during penetrative sex. However, not being able to climax during penetration is not uncommon. Many people with vaginas require a combination of clitoral stimulation as well as G spot stimulation, something that may not be happening during penetration. So I would recommend you get your friend a toy that can do both! I would recommend a vibrator that has the right shape stimulate the G spot and can also be used external to stimulate the clitoras.

You didn’t mention a price range so I’m going to give you my favourite options in each of the price categories: inexpensive, moderate, and luxury.

For the inexpensive yet wonderfully powerful, I would recommend the Toyfriend Black Rebel vibrator. This silicone and whisper quite toy has a great shape for G spot penetration and is super soft for external fun. It’s battery powered, so great for travel, and a steal at $25!

For the moderate toy selection, the Svakom Keri Vibrator would be my pick. This rechargeable toy has a great kick of power as well as the option for multiple speeds. The Keri comes in at $65.

For the luxury toy selection, I recommend my personal favorite, the We-vibe Rave. The Rave combines a unique asymmetrical shape with powerful rumbling vibes to deliver one of the most highly reviewed vibrators on the market. It’s rechargeable and also bluetooth compatible, allowing you to connect and control via your smartphone. We have the Rave for $110.

And remember, we have free shipping until Christmas. I hope that helps you out Sarah! Thanks!

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