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Piercing your vulva


Genital piercings can be a fun way to enhance the look and sensations of your body. We show you all the ways you can pierce your vulva and what it’s like to have a genital piercing.
In this sex-ed video, learn about different kinds of vaginal piercings! We discuss vulva piercing, clit piercing and hood piercing, in addition to safety.

After trying different birth control methods I feel like I have a hard time stay wet during sex. What should I do? Is something wrong with me?


Hi Madeline! Thank you for your question. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with you! Since you have left me to guess what these birth control methods are, I’m going to assume they are hormonal birth control options like combination birth control pills or hormonal IUD implants. This is a common issue for people taking hormonal birth control. Let me explain why this occurs.

The pill is the biggest culprit in vaginal dryness, but hormonal patches and rings can also cause this issue. Hormonal birth control mimics the second half of the menstrual cycle where progesterone is dominant and estrogen is low. Low estrogen is what is causing the lack of natural lubrication. Other medications, stress levels, and menopause can also cause these fluctuations of wetness.

Birth control options such as copper IUDs and progestin only birth control pills are non-barrier birth control options that won’t cause vaginal dryness and cause unwanted discomfort during sex. Barrier methods like condoms, vaginal condoms, and diaphragms are also options that won’t affect you in this way.

If you are liking your current hormonal birth control method despite this lack of lubrication, there are some things you can do to relieve yourself of this issue. There are many lubricants that imitate your natural bodily fluids, and are safe for your body. A water based lube like Sliquids Sea is not only gentle but contains ingredients that prevent the transmission of HPV. For something a little longer lasting, a silicone based lube like Uberlube would also be ideal. If you're finding that your vaginal dryness is affecting you outside the bedroom, Sliquids Satin Intimate Moisturizer is perfect for day to day use.  

If you have any concerns about the need to use lube in partnered sex, make applying it a fun activity for your partner. Applying lube can be a great foreplay. You can even try placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water or give it 5 mins in the freezer beforehand for some fun temprature play. The need to use lube has nothing to do with how turned on your are or your lust for your partner. Having a conversation about this beforehand with your partner will squash any worries or concerns they may have.

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