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Sex During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and there is no reason it should stop you from enjoying and exploring your sexuality. If your pregnancy is deemed safe by your doctor, then continuing to have sex is safe for you and the baby. However, because of the many changes happening in your body, it may be necessary to change up the ways you’re having sex.

The most common misconception with having sex while pregnant is that penetrative sex can harm your unborn baby. The amniotic sack and strong muscles of the uterus protect your baby from any harm during sex. There is also a thick, mucus plug that seals the cervix and acts as a protective barrier from infections. That being said, even during pregnancy, practice safe sex to prevent to spread of STDs if you aren’t fluid bonded with your partner. Even easily treatable sexually transmitted infections can cause problems for your baby during pregnancy and birth. The easiest form of protection from STDs during pregnancy are condoms, vagina condoms, and dental dams.

Alternatives to penetrative sex can also be fun to explore during this time. Oral sex is safe as long as your partner makes sure not to blow air into your vagina. This is a no no for oral sex in general as it can cause air embolisms which are tiny air bubbles that block blood vessels. Anal sex is also safe if precautions are taken not to spread any bacteria from the anus to vagina. As a general rule, change condoms or wash your goodies, hands, mouth, or toys well when you move between anus and vagina. However some people experience pregnancy related hemorrhoids, so avoid anal sex if this is the circumstance for you.

Pregnant Couple 

First Trimester

It’s important to maintain open communication with your partner when it comes to having sex while pregnant. Factors like morning sickness and fatigue which are common in the first trimester can affect your sexual appetite and are not always visible to your partner. As far as sexual positions go, there is no big belly yet to work around yet and your vagina should be well lubed naturally so whatever is comfortable for you and your partner.

Second Trimester

Hopefully morning sickness has subsided and made way for your raging hormones. Typically people feel more energized and sexual during this time so take advantage of the good feelings and get it on! Doggy style and spooning are popular positions as your stomach starts to grow. Around the 20 weeks mark, start to avoid positions where you are lying directly on your back, like missionary. In that position, your enlarged uterus can put pressure on the aorta which can block blood flow to the placenta. Using a pillow or sex ‘wedge’ under your hips can help relieve this pressure if missionary is just too good to give up. Pillows or body supports will become more helpful as your stomach grows, supporting a sore back or swollen knees. Be sure to incorporate a body safe lubricant into your play that not only helps with keeping play fun, but can also help with other chaffing areas on your body and smooth drying hair! 

Third Trimester

The home stretch can be an exciting yet nerve racking time. Fears about the birth and worries about when the baby arrives can occupy your mind, so allow time to unwind and please your body with your partner. Incorporate soothing massage or vibrating sex toys to enhance these relaxing sensations. The Magic Wand is perfect for intimate massage as well as soothing back and neck massage. Take use of edges of beds and chairs when getting it on to relieve any pressure and stress from your belly. Spooning is an excellent position and also offers to option of shallower penetration.


When to talk to your doctor

If anytime during your pregnancy you experience vaginal bleeding, pain, leaking of fluid, or feel changes in your cervix during sex, talk to your doctor right away. It’s also advisable to be cautious if you have a history of difficult pregnancies, have experienced miscarriages in the past, or are carrying multiples. 

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