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Sex During Your Period

Our society as a whole has made strides towards normalization of the female body, including periods, that shouldn’t be regarded as small or insignificant. However there are still a ways to go in terms  of periods and ridding them of their ‘gross’ and ‘icky’ labels, even for those who have them. Sex during your period can be empowering, relaxing and down right sexy. So read our tips on how to make bliss out of a messy situation.

Butt Plug and Tampons

A common question surrounding sex during periods is it’s safety. If it’s comfortable, then it’s perfectly safe and natural for both partners. There should be no worry on concerns of making a period worse because of sex. In fact, sex during a period can help relieve PMS symptoms and cramping. Furthermore, all the additional contracting induced by orgasms can cause the lining and blood of your period to come out faster. Just a few sexy period sessions a month can be a way to shorter periods overall.

It’s important to still use protection during period sex as the chance of getting pregnant isn’t completely ruled out. Person’s who experienced longer periods can sometimes have their periods overlap with their ovulation and sperm can live inside the vagina for 3 to 5 days. You're still protected if you’re taking an oral birth control pill, including the placebo week. Since the cervix is more open during a period, you’re at a slightly higher risk of STDs and infections so keep that in mind if you’re playing with a partner that you're not fluid bonded with.

It’s natural for there to be some squeamishness around periods from all genders when it comes to the possible mess and blood. However it’s rarely as messy as one might think. The average period consists of 30 to 40 ml over the few days. Breaking that down into the minutes actually having sex and that’s very little. Avoiding having sex on the first day of your period, which is usually the heaviest, can help prevent a messy situation. Estrogen and testosterone levels are usually low on the first day. Combined with the distraction of PMS, you may find your sex drive naturally low. But as hormones start to pick up over the next day or two, so should your desire to get it on.

Though it maybe hard for those who are sensitive to the sight of blood, starting to think of blood from a period as just another body fluid is a great first step. Period blood and lining is safe and won't cause any hard to another penis, vagina, finger, skin or mouth. This blood can actually serve as a lubricant during sex. However to insure a cleaner experience, try putting down a towel on furniture, sticking to missionary position or having fun in the shower. Using a traditional condom or female condom will also help with cleanup. If you’re using toys, try non porous materials like the Njoy stainless steel line for guaranteed clean times.

Alternatives to penetrative sex can also be explored with your partner, like anal sex, clit stimulation, or other erogenous zones of the body. This could be a great time to add a vibrator  for easy clitoral stimulation or the nipple toys for fun nipple play. If you are wanting to have penetrative sex and the sight of blood just won’t cut it, flexible tampons or natural sponges are options. Never use a regular tampon or menstrual cup during penetrative sex as this can cause harm to your body.

Overall the most important thing is communication between yourself and your partner. Never try to surprise your partner by not disclosing you’re on your period when the action has already begun or try to pressure a partner into engaging in sex when they simply don’t want to. By remaining clear and open, you can remove any uncomfortable attitudes associated with periods and include this time of the month in your regular healthy exploration of sex. 

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