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The Best Sex Toys of 2023 (so far)

Introducing sex toys in masturbation and partnered sex can have many advantages but with so many options, it can be hard to figure out “what sex toy is right for me?”. Well a great indication that a toy might be worth the investment is how many other people have bought and enjoyed the toy already. Thats why we have put together the best sex toys of 2023 (so far) to make finding the best toy for you even easier. 


Tenga Flex

Tenga Flex

The Tenga Flex has been one of our most popular strokers for some time and now there’s new styles and colors, including this Fizzy Green version. What makes the flex so great is its ability to create suction through its spiraling case design. You can cover the hole at the end to increase the sensation by adding suction.


Some other cool features of the Tenga Flex, the cap actually doubles as a drying stand and the squishy internal core is covered with different textures to create unique sensations on each part of your member. The sleeve is extremely stretchy too, making it great to accommodate a range of sizes and shapes. 



Unicorn Vibes

The Unihorns are the cutest way to get to climax! These adorable vibes all have vibration paired with a unique feature depending on the color. The blue Mount n' Peak Unihorn has a deliciously swirling tongue, the pink Heart Throb Unihorn has a pulsing mouth, and the yellow Bean Blossom Unihorn flickering tongue. 


Complete with all the great sex toy features like waterproof design, magnetic charging, and quiet vibrations, these are the perfect sex toys for those who want to bring a little bit of magic into their playtime.




While still not as mainstream as other sex toy designs, pumps are finally getting their dues for being fun as well as functional. The Scioness pairs the sucking power of a pump with vibration to deliver ultimate pleasure. Pumps are especially great for people who struggle with arousal since they mimic the bodies’ natural arousal response by encourage blood flow to the genitals and heightening sensation. 


Simple put, are you ready to be sucked and licked to heaven? Well, the Scioness is ready to do all the hard work so you don’t have to!




Part thrusting toy, part dildo, the Alger will stretch its way into all your special places while offering a squishy silicone texture and intense vibration. Made from a soft yet textured silicone, the Alger as all the makings of the best suction cup dildo, with the added benefit of being an amazing thrusting toy too!


Faster and more powerful than most thrusting toys, the Alger is able to deliver penetration and deep vibration at any angle while also being an incredibly comfortable insertable toy. 


Enby 2

Enby 2

Since its creation almost 4 years ago, our award winning toy Enby has continued to be a best seller and a sex toy favorite. This toy was created from requests by our customers and we’re now in our second iteration on Enby. 


If you’re not familiar with Enby, it can be used by any body. One main use is humping and grinding for vulva owners. The ridges on the back help to hold it in place but also add sensation when it’s used as a penis sleeve by curling the wings. 

And it can also be used tucked into your harness or underwear, with the help of its flexible tip. The thin shape means it can be slipped between bodies or sat on. Plus it has an easy one button function and magnetic waterproof charging. Enby is truly a toy for everyone!


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