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What Materials to Avoid in Sex Toys

Why Body Safe Sex Toys Are Important

 A vital part of having an enjoyable sex toy experience is being confident in the products you're using.  At Wild Flower, we prioritize using safe materials for sex toys. Learn which materials to avoid in sex toys, and pleasure yourself or your partner knowing that you are using body safe sex toys.

Are PVC Sex Toys Safe?

For years, PVC, also know as "jelly rubber" was one of the most common sex toy materials on the market because of its low price and assortment of colors. However jelly rubber was found to contain phthalates; chemicals used to soften plastics that may be harmful to your body. They are also split with materials like latex to achieve a gloss, which makes me hard to identify for people with allergies. Jelly rubber is porous, not allowing it be be sterilized 100%. At Wild Flower, we do not carry any jelly rubber toys and advise against their use. However if you find yourself about to play with a toy made from Jelly rubber, we recommend using a condom or protect barrier to help keep you safe and a water based lube to protect the texture of your toy. 

Are Glass Sex Toys Safe?

When it comes to hard material toys, Glass is often a favorite because of its diversity in colors and shapes. Glass toys are often made out of super safe, medical grade glass, called borosilicate glass. This type of glass is very similar to Pyrex dish wear and is extremely strong. Their non porous nature allow them to be sterilized between every use and washed very easily. They are safe to use with any lube and it’s smooth, polished surface allow it to be inserted into the body with ease. Glass toys also retain heat and cool, allowing for fun with temperature play. However if you’re looking for a toy to contour to your body, this hard material may not be the one for you. Be careful to check your toy for cracks or chips between playtimes and keep them stored in a safe place. 

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Are Silicone Sex Toys Safe?

Silicone toys are some of the safest toys on the market. Silicone toys can either be solid material or a coated vibrator motor r hard plastic body. Almost any toy can be made from silicone from dildos to vibrators, butt plugs to nipple suckers, and there is an impressive array of colors and shapes available. Because of its density, silicone carries powerful vibrations and it great for penetration. It also slowly retains heat so it able to warm to your body's natural temperature during play.

Medical grade silicones or food grade silicones most commonly used in toys are nonporous, stopping bacteria from retaining and spreading on the toy itself. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Wash in warm water with a mild soap, place on the top rack of your dishwasher without detergent or boil in water for a few minutes (only if it's not a motorized toy. Don’t worry about burning or melting your toy, silicone can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees celsius.  

When playing with a silicone toy, it's best to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone lubes can cause damage to them, affecting the texture and strength of your toy. Lint and dust are attracted to the surface of silicone toys so store in a soft, low lint cloth bag. 

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Are Steel Sex Toys Safe?

A favorite at Wild Flower, this stainless steel is non porous, allowing it be super hygienic and easily cleaned. The natural weight of stainless steel can be a fun sensation with insertable toys as well as its ability to retain temperature. You can use any lube your prefer with stainless steel toys allowing their smooth surface you please your goodies. Stainless steel toys are safe to store with other toys and are not easily damaged. A stainless steel toy with certainly last you a long time!

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To learn more about materials used in sex toys, check out our ultimate guide to all the materials that could be touching your goodies.

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