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13 Tips for Boosting Libido

Loss of libido is a common problem for many people, and a common source of strain in many relationships. Though these fluctuations in sexual appetite are a natural part of life, there are some things you can do to improve your urge to get it on!


1. Review your diet

There are foods out there that act as natural aphrodisiacs, getting you in the mood when consumed. Strawberries, almonds, arugula, citrus, oysters, bananas, avocado, and figs are a great pre-sex snacks to enhance sexual desire. These food are not only packed with libido enhancing vitamins and minerals, but the smell, taste, and texture can also contribute to turning you on. Chocolate promotes the release of phenylethylamine and serotonin (two feels good chemicals) into the body and enhance your mood. That’s why chocolate covered strawberries are such a sexy treat!

2. Discover the power of maca, ginkgo biloba, and yohimbine!

Maca is a peruvian root that has flourished in popularity due to effect on sexual health. Not only can maca improve sexual function, it aids in balancing the body's natural hormones, boosts the immune system, and increases fertility.

Ginkgo biloba has been a common Chinese supplement for thousands of years. Supplying antioxidants and aiding with blood flow, ginkgo biloba can also help combat antidepressant induced sexual dysfunction.

Yohimbine is an alkaloid found in the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree in Central Africa. While still in its early stages of medical study, yohimbine is being coined the natural viagra due to its treatment of erectile disfunction.

3. Introduce a vibrator

Including a vibrator in foreplay is a great way to stimulate arousal. By kick starting the circulatory system and getting the blood around your genitals pumping, vibrators can greatly speed up the time takes to get aroused. 

If you're new to sex toys, the We-Vibe Tango X Bullet is a great place to start. 


4. Try out Kegels

Not only can Kegels help with the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, these rhythmic exercises can instantly increase desire and sexual appetite as they mimic the contractions and sensations felt during orgasm. Kegels can also help with being able to control orgasms during sex, helping increase overall sexual satisfaction. Check out our Guide to Kegels for more information.


5. Don’t forget the lubricant

Getting in the mood can be hard when sex is uncomfortable or painful. Sexual touch feels better with lubricant which can help boost sexual arousal in a more timely manner. Lubricant is also great for people suffering with natural lubrication and body changes due to medication, age, recent births, or transition.

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6. Switch up your birth control

Some hormonal birth controls works by reducing your body's testosterone levels which can turn down desire. Talk to your doctor about changing your birth control method, brand or dosage to improve on some of the side effects.

7. Know your medications side effects

Certain medications, especially those used to treat high blood pressure, acid reflux, anxiety, and depression, can affect your natural sexual appetite. Ask your doctor if your medication has these side effects and possibly discuss lowering the dose, changing the time you take the medication, or changing the brand. Do not stop taking or change your dosage without consulting a doctor first.

8. Boost your self confidence

Feeling more comfortable with yourself is key to having a healthy and natural libido. This can be as simple as taking a shower beforehand to feel clean and refreshed, or indulging in an outfit that makes you feel sexy. It could require deeper work to resolve some lingering issues around your self esteem. See a therapist to talk about your issues, start a new hobby that provides you with a sense of accomplishment, or practice positive self talk.

9. Reduce stress

Feelings of stress and anxiety can take their toll on your sexual appetite. Take a look at areas of your life that cause your stress and see where you can shave some of the weight off. Exercise and meditation has been shown to work wonders for stress levels, along with a healthy diet and enough sleep.

10. Get some sleep

Your libido is one of the natural areas affected by poor sleep. Missing out on important ZZZs every night will cause your body to have ration the little energy it has and will cause your libido to take a nosedive. Create a nighttime ritual that prepares you for sleep and helps you stay asleep through the night. Give yourself a few hours to digest your last meal, skip screens before bedtime, and practice some light stretching or yoga before you hit the sack to ensure better sleep.


11. Communicate

Peace of mind plays a big role in feeling comfortable with exploring your sexuality. Try to maintain clear and open communication with your partners. Saying what’s on your mind, expressing your boundaries, and communicating expectations can only lead to greater intimacy and sex.

12. Enjoy some skin to skin contact

Treating yourself to a massage or enjoying one from your partner is a wonderful way to boost your libido. Skin to skin contact, when consensual and comfortable, can naturally boost the sex hormone oxytocin.

13. Masturbate!

Explore your own body! By knowing what gets you off sexually, you’ll be able to communicate to partners what works, meaning less unfulfilling sex and more orgasms! Discover your G spot with the Njoy Pure Wand.

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