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Temperature Play

Sex is all about stimulation. Exploring the sensual feelings of hot and cold can be a fun new way to spice up sex and masturbation. Temperature play is most often though of as a part of the BDSM realm, however there are many easy and simple ways to incorporate hot and cold into more vanilla play. Temperature play works by stimulating the body’s neuroreceptors in unpredictable and sometimes intense ways. During foreplay this added arousal can provoke an exciting sexual response.

Exploring temperature play

The heating or cooling of lube is a great place to start during temperature play. If you’re a regular lube user (and you really should be), you may have experienced a time when you’ve reached for your lube only to find it's cooler than you expected. Punch up this feeling be leaving your lube in the fridge. If you’re looking for a warmer experience, place your lube in a bowl of warm / hot water (think the ideal temperature of a bubble bath) for a few minutes. This technique can also be used on oils and lotions for an exciting warm massage.

A simple ice pack can be extremely versatile. Using an ice pack, you can cool down your own hands, making hand jobs even more exciting. Hold the pack in one hand while the other hand does the work and switch every few minutes. 

Food is a great way to play with temperature, which indulging in something a little sweet at the same time. Chocolate syrup and caramel sauce can be either cooled or heated and applied on the skin, but do avoid getting in hair as it can be hard to remove. Whipped cream can be a fun, tingling delight. If your looking so something a little more intense, try ice cream or cool whip. An extra piece of the fun includes taking a shower together afterwards to wash it all off.

Room temperature can be a great way to play with the senses, especially when the weather is extreme outside. It can be wonderfully exciting to bask in the heat after coming in from the snow or cuddle up in an extra cool room on a hot day.

Incorporating toys

Hard material toys like stainless steel, or glass work as wonderful conductors and retainers for heat and cool. Placing a glass dildo or stainless steel butt plug in a bowl of ice adds a whole new level to your toys. Better still, keep your glass toys in the freezer for a go to fun time. If you’re in search of a hotter sensation, warm you toys up by placing them in a bowl of warm water for 5 to 10 mins. Refrain from using boiling water to avoid burns.

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Turning it up a notch

Drip Candles are a sexy ways to heat things up with an added element of being visually exciting too. Be sure to use candles specifically designed for sensual play as household and decorative candles have varying melting points causing the wax to be so hot, it can cause unwanted burns.


Ice Cubes are usually the first thing people go to when thinks of ways to cool things down, however the sensation is often to intense. If you feel you’re ready to push your boundaries, the key is the start of slow. Try with rubbing ice cubes over the thighs, arms and belly to begin with and move to inner thighs, nipples, neck, armpits, buttocks, and feet. You can even hold an ice cube in your mouth or between you teeth for a oral experience to remember. Be careful when using ice cubes in and around genitals. As the ice melts, it can form sharp edges that may cut sensitive skin. A great tip can be to place your ice cube into a condom if you’re wanting to insert it.

Blindfolds can intensify the sensations of temperature by drawing your attention away from what you're seeing to what you're feeling. Other bondage like ropes, cuffs, and gags can also enhance your fun with restriction during temperature play.

Safety precautions should always be used when turning up or down the heat in a more extreme way. Like any play that involves a little risk, discuss boundaries and agree on words or actions that signify play should stop, aka a safe word.


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